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501c3 My Church

Many churches exist without every filing for their own 501c3 status and operate under a group exemption umbrella.  Third parties, like Google and Microsoft, require each nonprofit they work with to have their own 501c3 declaration letter.  

For existing churches that have never filed for their own 501c3 status.

  • Amendment of Articles of Incorporation (if needed).

  • State nonprofit filing (if needed).

  • EIN Number (if needed).

  • Bylaw Review and suggested edits.

  • Ordination provisions (if needed).

  • Conflict of Interest policy (if needed).

  • Filing of IRS Form 1023 for your 501c3 status.

  • Representation of your church to the IRS.

One-time full payment     $1199

Save by paying up front!

IRS and State Fees not included*

Monthly Payment Plan     $169

12 monthly payments

All IRS and State Fees included

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*IRS fee is $600 and the state fees vary between $30 - $150.  If you pick a plan that doesn't include the government fees then we will invoice you for reimbursement of the state fees, but you will send in the IRS payment directly to the IRS after signing your 501c3 forms.

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