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We are the #1 source for launching your nonprofit, church, and now business.  No one else provides a more economical, professional, and accurate LAUNCH to your organization.

Your organization needs to legally form and for some organizations, get 501c3 status.  You need to be able to open a  bank account and start taking in money as soon as possible.  Our team here at LAUNCH does all of that for you at a cost that a start-up can afford.

Our Services

Our Servuces
Launch My Church Plant

Everything you need to Launch your church plant: incorporation, 501c3 status, bylaws, and more.

Launch My Nonprofit

Everything you need to Launch your nonprofit: incorporation, 501c3 status, bylaws, and more.

501c3 My Church

Are you an existing church that does not have your 501c3 declaration letter from the IRS? We will amend your articles of incorporation and get your 501c3 status.

Launch My Business

Everything you need to Launch your new business: incorporation, consulting, state filings, and more.

Custom Bylaws

Are you in need of a complete reworking of your bylaws for your organization or church? We have written 100s of bylaws from scratch for our clients.  We can walk you through the best practices and pitfalls.


Are you looking for something that you don't see here? We either do it, have done it, or know someone that does it.  Let us know what you are looking for and we can help.


“The 501(c)(3) process is a nightmare for people like me. Whenever I apply for anything,  I'm always concerned  I'm going to check the wrong box and send myself into an application process house of horrors. When I first scanned the 501(c)(3) application it was my worst nightmare on steroids.  So I picked up the phone and called my friends at Launch. They took away all the stress, helped me understand how to properly answer every question and turned my nightmare into a dream come true. And the price was just right for my tight non-profit budget.”

Steve Pike
Founder/Executive Director Urban Islands Project


Ready to find out more?

We know you have questions.  Everyone does.  And we have the answers.  We are here to walk you through the necessary steps you need to take to move forward.  We love helping others - it is what we do.

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